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Exchange your gadgets for cash with us! We offer competitive prices for your devices including iPhones, MacBooks, cameras, and other tech items. Instant payment available. Transform your unused technology into cash immediately. Come to us today and sell your gadgets!

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How it Works

  • Visit a Certified PayMore Store®

    Get instant cash for your electronics at PayMore Store. Drop by anytime, no appointment required. Bring in your old or damaged gadgets and receive immediate payment. Convert your unwanted electronics to cash by visiting us today.

  • You Get Paid Cash!

    Our sophisticated software rapidly evaluates your devices to guarantee top market value. Anticipate competitive trade-in rates and on-the-spot cash transactions.

  • Your Devices are Data Wiped

    We guarantee complete data erasure from your devices to protect your privacy. Don't worry about how to erase your electronics before selling; we take care of it for you.

Why PayMore Stores?

Why Sell Your Electronics to PayMore Stores?

At PayMore Stores®, we recognize the value of your electronics, providing top trade-in prices and instant cash payment. We purchase a variety of electronics, whether old, used, or broken. Don't let your unused devices sit idle – visit our Gastonia, NC store today to convert them into cash.

Licensed, Insured and Part of your Community

Our store is fully licensed, insured, and operated by a member of your local community. At every PayMore Store, our goal is to provide a safe and secure environment for community members to trade in their devices, with a strong emphasis on data protection. We are your local neighborhood electronics store.

Our Mission to Reduce eWaste in Gastonia, NC

Join our effort to combat electronic waste in Gastonia, NC, and the surrounding Gaston County. By selling or trading your electronics at PayMore Store, you contribute to extending their lifespan. We are your go-to local destination for recycling old electronics. Help us prevent hazardous chemicals from contaminating our landfills.

Why Buy Preowned Electronics from PayMore Stores?

PayMore Stores® provides excellent deals along with premier warranties. We prioritize offering affordable prices while maintaining high quality. Our extensive selection of both new and preowned electronics is available at unmatched prices. Whether you're looking for smartphones or laptops, we offer attractive rates. Additionally, our top-tier warranties ensure your confidence and satisfaction with every purchase.


Trade in, to Trade Up!

Exchange your old or damaged electronics for cash, or choose store credit for even greater value. Opting for store credit allows you to select from a vast array of devices, and your trade credit remains forever valid. Selling your electronics for cash with us is a swift, effortless, and secure process.

Shop In-Store or Online AND SAVE

Shop with us and save huge.

Our inventory is constantly updated with fresh additions, ranging from iPhones to Nintendo games. Check out our store or browse online for a diverse selection of used electronics catering to all preferences. Additionally, benefit from an excellent warranty on all your purchases.

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PayMore Stores Opening Coast to Coast

PayMore Stores are expanding across the country. Find a store near you to securely buy, sell, and trade electronics. We are the ideal destination for converting your electronics into cash.

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